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In Athens, the women of the assembly of the “Prosfygika” Squat, migrants and locals, organized an open duscussion and the screening of a documentary about the First International Gathering of Women Who Fight: “To us women, migrants and Greeks, who fight in this Prosfygika neighborhood (neighborhood of the refugees’ houses), the Zapatista struggle gives us strength, ideas and courage to […]

Festival Informativo ‘Zapata Cabalga De Nuevo’For the memory of Emiliano Zapata, against the megaprojects, and on the way to the Zapatista tour of Europe, collectives from the Zapatista Europe invite you to unite voices and colors for life.https://www.facebook.com/barfuss.kollektiv.5

On Saturday 24/4/21, at 17:30,  we will carry out the second preparatory action for the arrival of the Zapatistas, with storytelling and theatrical play. There will be material (books, diaries, etc.) for the financial support of the journey to Greece.   construir y no destruir Πρωτοβουλία για τον ερχομό των Ζαπατίστας