Actions throughout Europe to demand the entry of the Zapatistas!

In less than a week, more than 46 protests took place in various European geographies to demand the entry of the Zapatistas.

In Greece, protests took place in front of the French embassy and consulate in Athens and Thessaloniki respectively. Actions were held in Chalkidiki, Stagiates, Kavala, Corinth and Veria. Protest banners were hanged on the pedestrian bridge in the Kareas neighborhood (Athens).

It is worth mentioning that Squad 421 participated in a protest in solidarity with (and organized by) Sans Papiers in Montreuil (Saturday afternoon, July 24).

The evening before (Friday, July 23) an international online event had taken place in support of the arrival of the Zapatista air delegation, with the participation of Beatriz Aurora, Raúl Zibechi, John Holloway, L. Oikonomakis etc.



The participants in the “Ten Days of Struggle and Freedom” on the Mountain of Skouries (against the gold mine) in Chalkidiki, held a protest in Pyrgadikia, Chalkidiki, with a banner that read: OUVREZ LES PORTES D’ EUROPE POUR LES ZAPATISTA@S (SKOURIES CAMP) / / OPEN THE DOORS OF EUROPE TO THE ZAPATISTAS (SKOURIES CAMP)

On the same day at 12 noon, a protest took place in Thessaloniki in front of the French consulate, which was guarded by strong police forces. The consular authorities refused to receive the invitation letter for the Zapatistas.

In the afternoon, the Thessaly Coordination intervened in Stagiates, before the screening of the documentary The Muddy River of Baasim by Thomas Sideris, which, among other things, raises the issue of fences and closed borders.

On the night of the same day, in the park in front of the Vyronos 3 squat in Kavala, a banner was hung against the refusal of the French government to allow the entry of the Zapatistas (while the play “Sacco and Vanzetti” was presentef by the self-organized group “Tsiritsantsules”).


At 11 am, in Athens, dozens of comrades protested in front of the French embassy, ​​which was guarded by strong police forces. As in Salonica, the consular authorities refused to accept the Zapatistas’ request for entry.

On the footbridge of Kareas (Athens), Okupa Analipsi hung a banner with the motto: “Birds and flowers are of all colors and cross the lands freely, they have no borders or carry flags” in Spanish (“los pajaros y las flores son de todos los colores y cruzan libres las tierras, no tienen fronteras ni llevan banderas”) and in Greek (“Τα πουλιά και τα λουλούδια είναι όλων των χρωμάτων και διασχίζουν τη γη ελεύθερα, δεν έχουν σύνορα ούτε σημαίες – Ελεύθερες Ιδέες, Ελεύθεροι Άνθρωποι”).

In Corinth, at an event called by the Open Assembly for the creation of a free social space, a banner was hung in the context of the European actions of political pressure on the French government.



The Assembly for the Reception of the Zapatistas in Veria hung a banner in the town hall square with the motto:

Le voyage vers la liberté ne se limite ni ne s’arrête

(The journey towards freedom cannot be enclosed, cannot be confined)


Public info-event at Herakleion (Creta)