Report on the ten days of events for the Zapatista journey at Exarcheia

The Tsamadou coordination (Exarcheia) organized events for the Zapatista journey together with the pedagogical group “Skasiarchio”, from May 13-23.
During those ten days, children from the neighborhood gathered in the garden and we created together! We made posters, we glued them in the neighborhood, we planted, we talked on “Magic Radio”, there was a children’s assembly, we made paper dolls and held a puppet show, we watched shadow theater performed by children, we read fairy tales and much more! Piso Thrania, Eutopia and guest writers also spoke on the radio.
During the closing two-day events in Tsamadou for the trip of the Zapatistas (May 22-23), there was a bazaar with stuff from our coordination, and from the greek-wide coordination, we read with the children the story about the Zapatistas: “The people of maize”, we decorated the place with paper boats, there were screenings and discussions about the situation in Mexico in recent years and the Zapatista journey!